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Still Beautiful Still Beautiful

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Really great attempt at translucency. The organs are drawn in a style that doesn't clash with everything else too much. Her face actually looks pretty good, too~.
The main thing I have to give critique on here is probably her arms/hands. The hand that is down looks a lot smaller than the other hand, and I think that both arms could use some more length and thickness on them.
I'm actually highly impressed though. Ever since you've been using a digital tablet you've improved so much. It's been about a year since you've really started using one regularly, right? Do you prefer to draw digitally, now, or do you like to do both?
I bet in two years you'll be doing some really, really nice stuff~. You're improving fast!

Chainswap responds:

Thank you sara :3 and yeah i prefer digital but only cause its alot easier to color with xD but i do draw in my sketchbook from time to time and yeah i was aiming for her right hand to be closer to us and thats why its larger but maybe i made the hand to small on the left. As for the shortness of the arms and thickness i think thats more of my art style in general and i personally like the way that looks also even in real life people have different arm lengths and body types(i think it looks cuter that way too) but thanks alot though sara <3 *gush